Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mid-October Update

Wildcat Pride

It has been rewarding to interact in classroom discussions, projects, and learning activities. In recent weeks, students in Public Affairs and Participation in Government classes have been impressive representatives of what we hope for in our oldest learners. 

Their focus on issues that impact us locally, regionally, and globally comes with critically thinking and the consideration of perspective. I have been impressed with their maturity and professionalism when discussing topics that can be emotional. 

Personally, I have also appreciated their kindness in welcoming me to their classes and willingness to remind me of their names when walking past in the hallways. This group is one of many that are a source of Wildcat Pride!

Board of Education Update

West Genesee Board of Education Meetings are typically held in the West Genesee High School Library on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Agenda items and resulting action include business and operational functions per NYS Education Law. There are also Study Sessions, specific reports, and celebrations based on situational circumstances or as part of regular updates. 

Another part of the meeting that WG opts to utilize is that of two “Open Forum” sections; first to items on the agenda and second for items not on the agenda. While perhaps not in a position to respond immediately, the Board may direct me to look into a concern or issue of interest. 

Recently, the Board approved a special time for the meeting on November 20 to start at 6:00 p.m.  This is an added 1-hour Open Forum section to the regularly scheduled meeting as a continued effort to listen and engage community members on any range of topics of interest. The regular meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m.  

Positivity Project

The Positivity Project (P2) is a wonderful part of our schools and provides an embedded and direct approach to character development. It is rewarding to see our students of all ages explore and be empowered with character strengths that promote building positive relationships and respecting our differences. “Other People Matter” is more than a hashtag, bumper sticker, or sound bite and is a core belief in our schools and throughout our community. 

These 24 character strengths, while each receiving a time frame of focus, are intended to be woven into our habits of action. The founders of the program sought a goal of “empowering America’s youth to build positive relationships by seeing the good in themselves and others.” We see it every day in our students and staff. That’s why it is always a good day to be a Wildcat!

Competitions Update

Our teams have been working hard this fall and representing us wonderfully at home and across the region and state. As these groups approach Section III Tournaments and NYS Championships, please join me in congratulating them on their hard work, perseverance, and goals that support team progress and individual growth. 

I would like to provide a “kudo” to our cheerleaders who are active at many school events, community functions, and their own competitions. This group will represent us two-fold as they host the Section III Cheerleading Sectionals on October 26 to showcase their efforts and Wildcat Pride with our facilities and support of participating student-athletes. 


The priority to safety is paramount in our schools. The West Genesee Central School District Safety Plan provides a framework for practices that increase safety and responses in extraordinary circumstances. It has been reassuring to see the daily habits and repertoire of procedures that are automatic with our staff and students. While learning, growth, and celebration of our accomplishments may seem more “enjoyable”, our safety practices are worthy of acknowledgement. 

The drills and implementation of measures for atypical situations has already proved valuable in order to maintain our commitment to safety while minimizing the impact on daily routines. Thank you to everyone involved for the awareness of our measures and practicing scenarios in order to build behaviors in the hope to rarely be used.

As always, please say hello when we see each other at any of the great events involving our kids!