Monday, January 28, 2019

Thank You for the Warm Welcome!

To the West Genesee Community:

After meeting so many of you during visits to every school in the District, as well as the bus garage, I can certainly reiterate what a privilege and honor it is to be your acting superintendent. I am very impressed with your knowledge, graciousness, and obvious dedication to serving students. I am also very grateful for the professionalism you have displayed during this difficult time for the District. Rest assured, I will work very hard in the coming weeks to assist you and the Board of Education in any way I can. I am dedicated to making this transition in leadership go as smoothly as possible for you, our students, and the entire West Genesee community.

I would also like to share why I am taking this role, and why I am doing this at no charge to the District. The reason is actually quite simple: It is my job. As a “District Superintendent” — one of 37 district superintendents in the state — I am required to represent our 23 component districts for the New York State Education Department and assist them in times of need. I receive a salary as the head of OCM BOCES, but I am also expected to serve component districts on numerous matters of importance. This past year, those issues included school safety, new mental health initiatives, and new learning standards for students.

I am fortunate that a solid and dedicated team at OCM BOCES (and my lovely wife, a North Syracuse teacher, along with my two daughters) will allow me to assist you at West Genesee. I would like to thank my staff, each of you, and especially three West Genesee administrators who have really done the bulk of the day-to-day work and will continue to do so until a full-time interim superintendent can be found. Those three administrators are Brian Kesel, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; Paul Pelton, Assistant Superintendent for Management Services/Food Service; and David Cirillo, Director of Staff Relations/District 504 Coordinator.

In addition to these administrators, I want to thank all of you for the warm welcome I received during these first few days on the job and your dedication to the success of our students. During my short time here, I will do my best to keep you informed about new developments, including the process for selecting a long-term interim superintendent and, eventually, a new school superintendent.

I hope all of you have an excellent week.


Jody Manning
Acting Superintendent of Schools