Tuesday, October 1, 2019

West Genesee Spirit

West Genesee Spirit is seen frequently and in many ways. The events at each of our schools promote learning, culture, and our work together as a learning community. Homecoming activities at the high school were no exception. 

The spirit competitions, hallway decorating, assembly, athletic contests, and Tournament of Bands were some of the many ways our students were recognized and celebrated our common bond of being Wildcats.While this is seen throughout each day, it was special to have alumni join us in conversations of the history of our schools and community.

Great Talk with the Superintendent

Thank you to those who came to the recent “Talk with the Superintendent” evening. It was a wonderful chance to meet new people and discuss timely and important topics of interest. 

It is my hope to continue conversations at the many events within our schools and within the community. Special thanks to the West Genesee PTA/PTO District Council for hosting this event and for each school's PTA/PTO ongoing support of our children.

Classroom Visits

It has been a great deal of fun being in classrooms since the start of the school year. What a privilege it is to interact with our younger and older Wildcats. Library lessons and reading for meaning with kindergarteners, experiencing Grade-8 Career and Financial Management presentation, and Participation in Government and Public Affairs classes with senior high students; and more. 

Each had student engagement with and ownership of learning that is reflective of our outstanding faculty. West Genesee is a culture of learning and continuous improvement!

Acclimating to the Community

On a more personal note, the acclimation to the community has been wonderful. Meeting with community members at events, playing along with the Camillus Community Band, and bumping into people at restaurants are evidence and reminders of the family nature of our area. 

Thank you for the expressions of welcome and help that are so valuable in a transition. My wife and I are making great progress with relocating to West Genesee. I’ve often used the “it’s like buying a home” analogy to patience, pace, and process. In this case, it is the literal meaning.

As always, please say hello when we see each other and forgive me for the need to be reminded of names and context. I’ll get there; I promise!